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  • How to Select the Correct Cutting Tips - Oxy Fuel - American ...

    Feb 10, 2021 · 4-Step Method of selecting the right cutting tips: 1. Seat Type 2. Metal Thickness 3. Application 4. Fuel-gas Practical. Powerful. Portable. In recent years there’s been much discussion about the value of plasma-arc and laser processes for cutting and welding, but oxy-fuel is still the most commonly used method worldwide. The equipment is robust, easy […]

  • What Is Oxy-Fuel Cutting in Welding? An Introduction - Tulsa ...

    May 08, 2018 · Oxy-fuel cutting is often used in the preparation of plate edges for groove and bevel welding. It can even be employed to cut scaled or rusty plates. [8] This process is also great for these applications [9]: Manual rough severing. Automated precision contour cutting.

  • Setup and Shutdown Procedure for Oxy- fuel Cutting Torch

    Lighting the Oxy-fuel torch 1. Turn the acetylene knob on the cutting torch about a quarter of a turn and light the acetylene. Make sure that the flame is up against the tip. If you light up the tip and the flame is away from the tip, decrease the acetylene pressure and let the flame come back against the tip. (Use your safety equipment ...

  • Oxy-fuel cutting | Gas Cutting process working principle ...

    In this video we see oxy fuel cutting process or gas cutting process,woeking principle, history and explain with small video.hydrostatic and hydrodynamic pla...

  • Oxyfuel cutting very, very thick plate - The Fabricator

    Aug 27, 2018 · Regardless, even when cutting thick plate, oxyfuel cutting is not a fool-proof process. Machines need to be designed to handle heavy plate and positioned on the floor so that cranes can move the material into position. And the flame needs to move at the right speed and have the proper gas flow to achieve a good cut.

  • Oxyfuel Cutting - Process and Fuel Gases - TWI

    The oxyfuel process is the most widely applied industrial thermal cutting process because it can cut thicknesses from 0.5mm to 250mm, the equipment is low cost and can be used manually or mechanised. There are several fuel gas and nozzle design options that can significantly enhance performance in terms of cut quality and cutting speed.

  • Why is oxyfuel not used to cut stainless steel?

    A chemical reaction occurs after igniting the metal, resulting in oxidation. And here lies the reason why flame cutting is not suitable for cutting stainless steel. Lastly, the high-pressure oxygen jet blows away the slag, or iron oxide, cutting the metal in the process.

  • Gas-Cutting: Process, Techniques and Advantages | Welding

    Process of Gas Cutting 2. Efficiency of Gas-Cutting 3. Equipments 4. Limitations. Process of Gas Cutting: Apart from using hacksaw, power saw, chisels, etc. for metal cutting operation, gas or oxygen cutting is extensively used now-a-days in industry. Oxy-fuel cutting (OFC) is similar to ox fuel welding except that:

  • Oxy-fuel welding and cutting - Wikipedia

    Oxy-fuel welding (commonly called oxyacetylene welding, oxy welding, or gas welding in the United States) and oxy-fuel cutting are processes that use fuel gases (or liquid fuels such as gasoline) and oxygen to weld or cut metals. French engineers Edmond Fouché and Charles Picard became the first to develop oxygen- acetylene welding in 1903.

  • No.1 Oxyfuel Gas Cutting Machine Process - Messer Cutting

    Oxyfuel Cutting. Oxyfuel cutting is a combustion process using oxygen/fuel gas flame. The heating flame brings the material up to its ignition temperature. Then a jet of Oxygen at least 99,5 % pure is blown onto the heated spot. The Oxygen jet oxidizes the metal. The torch is moved and a narrow cutting kerf is created, removing the slag from ...

  • How did oxy fuel welding change the world?

    This new welding process rapidly spread around the world and changed welding forever. The oxy-fuel cutting process is largely unchanged since its earliest days. However, after more than a century, it is still a vital process for cutting thick steel. No other cutting process is capable of cutting steel to 30” thick and more.

  • How Does The Oxy-Fuel Cutting Process Work? | Park Industries

    Oxy-fuel cutting torches use a copper tip with a series of holes arranged in a circle to deliver a mixture of a fuel gas and oxygen to create a pre-heat flame. Preheat flame temperatures will range from 4,440° to 6,000° F depending upon the fuel gas used and the adjusted ratio of oxygen to fuel gas.

  • Oxygen Cutting of Metals: 5 Processes | Metallurgy

    Oxy-fuel gas process involves preheating a small zone, wherefrom the cut is to be started, to the kindling temperature of the material. Compressed oxygen is then made to impinge upon the hot metal resulting in very high rate of oxidation which is often accompanied by evolution of heat due to exother­mic nature of the reaction.


    Coverts a single oxy-fuel cutting torch into dual cutting torches. Allows strip cutting and a closer distance between small parts. Hi-Lo Oxy-Fuel Gas System with Auto Ease-On Allows high-lo preheat for fast preheating of plate and superior cutting quality. Features auto ease-on pierce control for cut oxygen. Allows for precise piercing on ...

  • Recommended Practices for Oxyfuel Gas Cutting Torch Operation

    This Recommended Practices standard is intended for use by the oxyfuel gas cutter (operator). It describes the oxyfuel gas cutting process, including information relating to equipment, safety, and operating procedures. Although many refer-

  • What is Oxy-Fuel Cutting? - ESAB Welding & Cutting

    An oxy-fuel cutting torch is used, it has a flame, and the steel is “burned” as it cuts. The actual chemical process that takes place is sometimes described as “rapid rusting” of the steel. Whether you think of it as burning or rusting, the result is similar – the steel is rapidly oxidized in a chemical reaction that generates heat.

  • Oxy-fuel cutting; the basics explained | HGG 3D Profiling

    Oxy-fuel cutting is a time consuming process, especially cutting thick walled materials. The shortest distance through the material is a cut perpendicular to the wall. In case of a beveled cut (an angled cut for weld preparation) the cutting torch will be at an angle and the heat transfer to the material will be less than that of a ...

  • History + Timeline of Oxygen-Acetylene Metal Cutting | Park ...

    The Origins of Oxygen-Acetylene Metal Cutting. French engineers Edmond Fouché and Charles Picard were the first to develop oxygen-acetylene welding in 1903. This new welding process rapidly spread around the world and changed welding forever. The oxy-fuel cutting process is largely unchanged since its earliest days.

  • Which is cheaper to cut metal waterjet or oxyfuel?

    While oxyfuel cutting is only suitable for a few metals, waterjet can cut pretty much anything. However, oxyfuel cutting is a lot cheaper than waterjet. The oxyfuel cutting process takes place in 3 steps: First, a mixture of cutting gas and oxygen is directed onto the work piece through a cutting torch to preheat it.

  • Gas Torch Guides | Tanjant Guides For Oxy-Fuel Gas Cutting ...

    Gas Torch Guides. Tanjant Gas Torch Guides are purpose-built to handle almost every workshop task using the oxy-fuel gas cutting process. Also, these are ideal for cutting straight lines, small circles, large circles, bevelled edges – there’s a combination of Tanjant Guides and Accessories to suit.

  • How does an oxy fuel cutting process work?

    All oxy-fuel processes rely on the burning of a mixture of pure oxygen and fuel gas to produce a flame that is high in temperature and heat. Here are the common types of oxy-fuel cutting processes:


    Koike Aronson Inc./Ransome has designed the PlateProXHD to provide excellent thermal cutting at an affordable price. This automated dual side drive, plasma/oxy-fuel cutting machine is cost efficient and is manufactured in the U.S.A. There is also a two-year warranty.

  • Cutting Processes - Application of Oxyfuel Cutting - TWI

    Oxyfuel is one of the most widely used cutting processes with the following benefits: Basic equipment suitable for cutting, gouging and other jobs such as welding and heating. Mild and low alloy steels (but not aluminium or stainless steel) Wide range of thickness (typically from 1mm to 1000mm)

  • Fuel Gases Used for Oxyfuel Cutting | Fractory

    Mar 09, 2020 · The oxyfuel cutting process takes place in 3 steps: Preheating of metal. Oxidation of metal. Blowing away the slag. First, a mixture of cutting gas and oxygen is directed onto the work piece through a cutting torch to preheat it. The objective is to achieve the ignition temperature, which is around 700…900° C for carbon steel.

  • Oxyfuel Cutting - SmarterCMS602PD

    Oxy Fuel Cutting Oxy fuel cutting (OFC) processes sever metal by utilizing the chemical reaction of oxygen with metal at elevated temperatures. The required temperature is provided by the combustion of a fuel gas and oxygen (minimum 99.5% purity). The cutting action is supported by the pure oxygen stream.


    In this video we are going to understand the gas cutting process. We will try to understand the different type of gas welding and gas cutting. *Gas Cutting *...